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                                                             - Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to the World of Jewellery made by Natalia Artesania


Handmade jewellery for all mountain lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, traveller and naturlover. For all those wonderful sunprayers, moonchild, freespirits and wildbeings.

For the love to the mountains, the huge vastness and the freedom up there: wild, earthy and wearable so close to your heart for expressing pure joy and freedom.

You will find here handmade silver jewellery as rings, bracelets, necklace and earstuds with mountain- sun- and moon themes, but also other unique pieces that will touch your heart.


90% of the jewellery that is offerd in the shop are made to order.
That means that it will be made especially for you, after you purchase it. Which is why it needs a few days before they are ready for shipping. You will find out at the description of the product, if the piece of jewellery is ready to ship or if it's made to order.

Natalia Artesania sets a high value on sustainability and naturalness. Therefor materials like recycled 925 Sterling Silver, natural silk cords and semi-precious stones and clear crystals are used.

Stay wild!

Come and visit the

New products in the shop:
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