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Natalía Artesanía is a small one-woman establishment, that was founded by the jewellerydesigner and maker Natalia Schadler some years ago.

She’s doing everything by her own, whether it‘s branding, productdesign, production, photography or the sales and marketing.

Natalia mainly works with the snowwhite plastic material porcelain, and also loves to proceed Silver, as well as the combination of both elements - the soft and the stiff - to create unique jewellery and other smaller porcelain objects. She sets a high value on sustainability and therefor she uses recycled and fairmined Sterling Silver as well as natural hemp cords to accomplish some of the products.

She was born in the Austrian mountains on countryside and grew up spending a lot of time next to natural lakes, rivers and forests. She develeoped a deep affection to the Alps, nature and it’s forms. Themes of the flora and mountains are often part of her works.

Natalia’s also very fascinated to work with geometric and minimalistic designs.

To permanently keep advancing her business and experimenting with new techniques is a wonderful challenge for her and to see her business blooming is a big motivation to keep on thriving.

Natalia Artesania
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