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Care information

Natalia Artesania sets a high value on sustainability and naturalness. Therefor she uses materials like snowwhite porcelain, recycled 925 Sterling Silver and natural hemp cords. To ensure a longer persistance you should pay attention to some particular facts:


When having a shower, go swimming, make sports or while sleeping you should primarly take off these pieces of jewellery that are processed with hemp cords (usally bracelets). Also take off your jewellery while doing some household chores like cleaning and gardening. Direct contact with cremes and cosmetics can damage the surface in the long run.

All threads and cords used for these pieces of jewellery are made of natural and bio-degradable hemp cords, so keep in mind that it’s difficult to prevent them from abrasion. By following these instructions carefully the lifetime can be extremely increased.


One of the characteristics of Silver is that it will lead to oxidation over some time when not wearing it on your body. When not using them for some days, store your jewels preferbly dry and airtight in a jewellery box or a bag of plastic. If required you can polish your pieces with a silver cleaning cloth; this will make the surface shiny again. You can also use a silver polish substance made by the company „sidol“. Give a small amount of it on a cotton cloth and rub the piece of silver until it becomes shiny and clean again.


If you still have any questions, just contact me ;)

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