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Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

You can revoke your contract explanation without any statement of reasons in text form, therefore per letter or e-mail, or through return of the goods within two weeks. The period begins with receipt of the goods and soonest one day after receipt of the revocation instruction in text form. The retraction or the return of the goods have to be sended to:

Natalia Schadler
Glusavinastrasse 16, top 2

6773 Vandans



Revokation consequences

In case of an effective retraction, received benefits on both sides have to be back-granted and possible benefits have to be handed over if necessary (for example use advantages). If you cannot back-grant me the received goods completely or partially or only in a worse condition, you have to pay compensation for loss suffered insofar if necessary. This is not necessary, if the deterioration of the goods is led back exclusively to their examination, as it would have been possible in a usual store business. Incidentally, you can avoid the value liability by not taking the wares in use like an owner and omitting all, which impairs their value.
You have to pay the costs of the return. If damaged products or not the ordered products were shipped to you, the costs of shipping will be free of charge.

for goods, that has been manufactured for customer's specification, the right of withdrawal is not applicable.
the right of withdrawal does not exist, when the ordered goods are used for commercial or self-employed occupation.

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